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Dallas Safari Club: A-Tip Match Ammo Takes Hornady Back to the Future [VIDEO]

The title says it all. Hornady‘s Neal Emery discusses a new0ish product line – the A-Tip Match bullet. This particular bullet is capped with an aluminum tip, and has been in the Hornady shop for a while. However, it has just now become eco…

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Why I Shoot .40 S&W Ammunition With My Unmodified 10mm GLOCK 20 Pistol

10mm Auto (left), .40 S&W (right) (Image: Jeremy S. for TTAG)
First there was 10mm Auto. The FBI chose a watered-down loading — a 180 grain bullet at 975 fps instead of more like 1,300 fps — and a large-frame Smith & Wesson pistol t…