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A Non-Hunter’s View of the Dallas Safari Club Convention

Courtesy Frances Arnold
It’s important that we hunters keep in mind that our passion for the pursuit of game animals – whether small or large, birds or mammals – is not shared by everyone. However, we also need to remember that those …

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Lilian Camalet of 4 Stable Sticks Demonstrates Their Latest Shooting Rest – Dallas Safari Club [VIDEO]

  I thought I was up-to-date with all of the 4 Stable Sticks product line, but I was wrong. I have written before about how these field rests make shooting accurately much easier. To quote a Mozambique professional hunter friend of mine: “T…

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Mark Haldane of Zambeze Delta Safaris on Hunting and Conservation in Africa – Dallas Safari Club [VIDEO]

  I became aware of Mark Haldane from Craig Boddington‘s articles and books and I was excited about the possibility of hunting with Mark’s Zambeze Delta Safaris out of his camps in Mozambique. Naively, I believed that I could sum up M…

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Craig Boddington on the Challenge of Hunting African Buffalo – Dallas Safari Club [VIDEO]

Cape Buffalo (AKA “black death”) – Bigstock
  I have posited elsewhere that Craig Boddington is this generation’s Jack O’Connor. I know Craig would push back against that claim. I know this because he has written more than once, includ…